Hunting Arabian Oryx

Hunting Arabian Oryx In South Africa

About the Species

Arabian Oryx is a rare wild species, originating from its primary habitat in the deserts of Sinai, Israel, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The Arabian Oryx female tend to be slightly smaller in body than the male. Her horns are slimmer and usually longer than the males. Arabian Oryx has a significant smaller body than the regular Oryx.

About the Hunt

Arabian Oryx should be shot with a minimum caliber of .270.


Arabian Oryx is a unique adaptable animal. It lives primarily in open terrain, and can survive in the harshest environments like extreme desert areas. It can survive without water for months, only living of the liquid it absorbs through its food.

Shoulder Height:  40 inches

Weight:  150 pounds

Horn Length:  25 inches

Hunting Arabian Oryx In South Africa
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