Hunting Barbary Sheep

Hunting Barbary Sheep In South Africa

About the Species

Barbary sheep , also called Auodads, originated in the hills of the Sahara and have inhabited all the major mountains of North Africa. Barbary sheep are also well adapted to a dry climate. They are able to survive long periods of time without fresh water intake by using metabolic water. The main pelage of the Barbary sheep is brown, however, the chin, throat, chest, and insides of the front limbs are covered with long white hair. This white hair is called the ventral mane and appears as if the sheep had a beard.

About the Hunt

Like all sheep hunting, some long shots may be required and some effort is involved in getting to the animals in the rugged terrain that they prefer.


Barbary sheep prefer dry and barren habitats with large rocks or mountains to climb and hide in.

Shoulder Height:  30 - 40 inches

Weight:  300 pounds

Horn Length:  27 inches

Hunting Barbary Sheep In South Africa
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