Hunting Black Wildebeest

Hunting Black Wildebeest In South Africa

About the Species

The most interesting fact about Black Wildebeest is their comeback from near extinction. It is noted that only 17 of these animals were left after being eradicated due to carrying Mucous Disease, but due to successful conservation efforts, their numbers are up again.

About the Hunt

Also known as the “White Tailed Gnu” or to some as the “Clowns of Africa’”, this is mostly due to the way in which they tend to run in circles when being approached. Mature bulls will display black/darkened hair between their bosses or leading to their bosses and not red/brown hair, the sigh of immaturity. This is a very tough animal to bring down.


The black wildebeest inhabits open plains, grasslands, and Karoo shrub lands in both steep mountainous regions and lower undulating hills.

Shoulder Height:  47 inches

Weight:  350 pounds

Horn Length:  23 inches

Hunting Black WildebeestIn South Africa
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