Hunting Blue Wildebeest

Hunting Blue Wildebeest In South Africa

About the Species

A very strong muscular appearance. The face, mane and tail are black with a bluish appearance. They have dark vertical stripes on the neck and flanks. Males and females have horns.

About the Hunt

The Blue Wildebeest, the Poor Mans Buffalo, not only in looks but for sheer brute strength once hit. These animals have been known to travel up to 300 yards with a well-placed heart shot. Bulls are larger in stature than cows.


Blue wildebeest are mainly found in short-grass plains bordering bush-covered acacia savannas in southern and eastern Africa, thriving in areas that are neither too wet nor too arid.

Shoulder Height:  58 inches

Weight:  400 pounds

Horn Length:  28 inches

Hunting Blue WildebeestIn South Africa
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