Hunting Bontebok

Hunting Bontebok In South Africa

About the Species

The bontebok is a medium sized antelope with a dark brown body and a white blaze on its face. Unlike blesbuck, it has a pure white belly, rump and hocks. Both male and female has horns where the horns of the male is thicker and longer.

About the Hunt

When judging the trophy quality of Bontebok, it is important to look at the width of the boss, the color of the horn and the overall length.


Bontebok can be found in open veld or plains of South Africa but is more common in the Eastern, Western and Northern Cape. Their preferred habitat is in open grassland, with access to water.

Shoulder Height:  35 inches

Weight:  160 pounds

Horn Length:  13 inches

Hunting Bontebok In South Africa
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