Hunting Reedbuck, Common

Hunting Reedbuck, Common In South Africa

About the Species

The reedbuck is a medium-sized antelope generally found near water and especially on the floodplains. He is distinguished by a long neck and body, sturdy legs, and powerful hindquarters. Only the rams carry horns, which are generally short, heavily ridged, and curved forward. Colour varies from yellowish to grey-brown.

About the Hunt

As with all African hunting, be sure to use quality bullets. Aim point will be straight up the foreleg about one third into the body. This will affect the high heart shot, and your reedbuck should not go far.


This antelope’s natural habitat is wet grasslands. Unfortunately, this type of habitat has shrunk significantly, with a subsequent reduction in the number of Reedbuck. Dry rocky slopes of mountains and hills with sufficient grass and shelter such as scattered trees and shrubs. Usually avoids open plateaus and peaks. Dependent on water.

Shoulder Height:  37 inches

Weight:  140 pounds

Horn Length:  12 inches

Hunting Reedbuck, CommonIn South Africa
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