Hunting Duiker, Grey

Hunting Duiker, Grey In South Africa

About the Species

A small antelope that is brown in color, with a black stripe on the snout from the forehead down to the nose. A black tuft of hair can be found between the ears of the female and the horns of the male. A solitary animal, and often nocturnal.

About the Hunt

The Grey Duiker forms part of the Tiny 10, and hunting one is a must for any hunter wishing to complete his/her selection of the small antelope species.


Generally, they are found in habitats with sufficient vegetation cover to allow them to hide—savannah and hilly areas, including the fringes of human settlements. Males are territorial and preferred resting places are generally on elevated ground, where they can observe their territory. Females, by contrast, prefer deeper cover.

Shoulder Height:  17 inches

Weight:  30 pounds

Horn Length:  4.5 inches

Hunting DuikerIn South Africa
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