Hunting Eland

Hunting Eland In South Africa

About the Species

The largest of the spiral-horned family in South Africa, with a light tan or grey coat. Both sexes have horns with a steady spiral ridge. The common Eland is the slowest antelope, and also grazes at night. Eland herds are accompanied by a loud clicking sound that has been subject to considerable speculation.

About the Hunt

When judging the trophy quality of Eland, its important to look at the size of the ridge on the boss, the color of the dewlap and skin leading up to the head from the shoulders.


Elands prefer to live in semi-arid areas that contain many shrub-like bushes, and often inhabit grasslands, woodlands, sub-desert, bush, and mountaintops with altitudes of about 15,000 ft.

Shoulder Height:  67 inches

Weight:  1500 - 2000 pounds

Horn Length:  35 inches

Hunting ElandIn South Africa
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