Hunting Feral Goat

Hunting Feral Goat In South Africa

About the Species

Feral goats consist of many breeds of goats, all of which stem from the wild goat, C. aegagrus. Although breeds can look different, they all share similar characteristics. Physically, both domestic and feral goats can be identified by their prominent straight horns (more prominent on male goats), rectangular pupils, and coarse hair.

About the Hunt

Like all sheep or goat hunting, some long shots may be required and some effort is involved in getting to the animals.


Feral goats are most common on rocky or hilly country in the semi-arid rangelands. These areas provide security from predators and disturbance by humans. Goats are not normally found on flat treeless plains, but can be found on flat country with dense shrub cover.

Shoulder Height:  39 inches

Weight:  260 pounds

Horn Length:  24 inches

Hunting Feral Goat In South Africa
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