Hunting In The Northern Cape

Hunting In The Northern Cape South Africa

We conduct the majority of our hunting in the Northern Cape and several other properties in and around our main concession. The Northern Cape is spectacular with a rich population of exotics and plains game animals. Most of our huntable species can be found here.

The landscape is typical open plains, thickets and majestic mountain ranges. During the rainy season it can be quite a challenge to navigate and the bush very thick.

Hunting in the Northern Cape gives hunters the opportunity to hunt Gemsbuck (Oryx), Eland, Barbary Sheep, Scimitar Horned Oryx and various exotic deer species.

On the open plains one would find Black and Blue Wildebeest, Blesbuck and Bontebok running around with herds of Springbuck. On the edge of the clearing you will be sure to find Kudu staring at you from a distance. The main concession boasts a healthy population of Sable and Roan antelope.

Hunting In The Northern Cape South Africa
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