Hunting Klipsringer

Hunting Klipsringer In South Africa

About the Species

The klipspringer is a small, sturdy antelope. The coat of the klipspringer, yellowish-grey to reddish-brown, acts as an efficient camouflage in its rocky habitat. A gregarious animal, the klipspringer is monogamous to a much greater extent than other antelopes, individuals of opposite sexes exhibit long-term to lifelong pair bonding.

About the Hunt

The Klipspringer forms part of the Tiny 10 family. For any hunter who enjoys the mountains and the challenges that come with mountain hunting, they will find this hunt is a must.


The klipspringer inhabits places characterized by rocky terrain and sparse vegetation. It migrates to lowlands at times of food scarcity.

Shoulder Height:  22 inches

Weight:  40 pounds

Horn Length:  4 inches

Hunting KlipsringerIn South Africa
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