Hunting Kudu

Hunting Kudu In South Africa

About the Species

Greater kudus have a narrow body with long legs, and their coats can range from brown/bluish grey to reddish brown. They possess between 4 and 12 vertical white stripes along their torso. The head tends to be darker in color than the rest of the body, and exhibits a small white chevron which runs between the eyes. The bulls also have beards running along their throats, and large horns with two and a half twists.

About the Hunt

Every hunter wants to take down one of these impressive animals, not only is the hunt itself extremely exciting, but a kudu trophy is an extremely impressive addition to any hunter’s collection. When kudu hunting, this beast is often referred to as the Grey Ghost. Hunting kudu in Africa can be very challenging, as it has extraordinary senses, can jump extremely high and travels at remarkable speed.


When hunting kudu in Africa, they occur in thick valley bushveld areas that have sufficient water, food and shelter.

Shoulder Height:  55 inches

Weight:  500 pounds

Horn Length:  52 inches

Hunting KuduIn South Africa
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