Hunting Multi-Horned Sheep

Hunting Multi-Horned Sheep In South Africa

About the Species

This is a domestic sheep in which the male normally has four horns, though sometimes as many as five or six. Also known as Jacob sheep, this is a rare breed of small, piebald (colored with white spots), polycerate (multi-horned) sheep. The most common color is black and white. Jacobs are usually raised for their wool, meat, and hides. They are also kept as pets and ornamental animals, and have been used as guard animals to protect farm property from theft or vandalism and defend other livestock against predators.

Generally referred to as an unimproved or heirloom breed (one that has survived with little human selection), the Jacob is descended from an ancient Old World breed of sheep, although its exact origins remain unclear. Spotted polycerate sheep were documented in England by the mid–17th century, and were widespread a century later.

About the Hunt

Like all sheep hunting, some long shots may be required and some effort is involved in getting to the animals in the rugged terrain that they prefer.


The Multi-Horned sheep has a diverse diet. It feeds on grass, bush and shrubs and can almost be classified as a browser.

Shoulder Height:  30 - 40 inches

Weight:  120 - 180 pounds

Horn Length:  23 inches

Hunting Multi-Horned Sheep In South Africa
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