Hunting Roan

Hunting Roan In South Africa

About the Species

The roan antelope is a large antelope with a horse-like build. Characteristic features include a short and erect mane of grayish brown hair extending from the back of the neck along the midline of the back up to the rump, white patches around the eyes and the mouth on the otherwise black face.

About the Hunt

Roan, after Eland and Greater Kudu are Africa’s largest antelope. A true collectors specie as most of the Southern African populations are not exceptionally wary. Calibre and shot placement are both very important, as Roan are large, tough and tenacious of life.


Roan antelope are found in woodland and grassland savanna, mainly in the tropical and subtropical grasslands, savannas and shrub-lands, which range in tree density from the forest, with a grassy understory to grasslands dotted with few trees, where they eat mid-length grasses.

Shoulder Height:  53 - 63 inches

Weight:  600 pounds

Horn Length:  28 inches

Hunting RoanIn South Africa
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