Hunting Sable

Hunting Sable In South Africa

About the Species

The sable antelope has a compact and robust build, characterized by a thick neck and tough skin. Females and juveniles are chestnut to dark brown, while males begin darkening and turn black after three years. Both sexes have ringed horns which arch backwards.

About the Hunt

Trophy quality is judged by the color of the skin, always ensure the bull is of jet black color and not a tanned chocolate color, thus indicating immaturity. The basses of the horn must be solid black with dominant ridges following the length of the horn.


Sable antelope live in savanna woodlands and grasslands during the dry season, where they eat mid-length grasses and leaves. They are diurnal but are less active during the heat of the day.

Shoulder Height:  54 inches

Weight:  550 pounds

Horn Length:  42 inches

Hunting SableIn South Africa
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