Hunting Common Springbuck

Hunting Common Springbuck In South Africa

About the Species

The Springbuck is the national emblem of the Republic of South Africa. A medium-sized gazelle, very graceful and handsomely patterned with a long fold of skin on its back. The general color of the skin is khaki beige with distinct dark-brown stripes on the flanks above the white belly. Both sexes have horns.

About the Hunt

The trophy quality lies within the width of the basses, the overall length and the hooks/curls on the tips. A great trophy to hunt while on safari, and a must for any collector interested in collecting all four Springbuck color variations.


Open dry grasslands and Savannah. Avoids mountains, woodlands and tall grass.

Shoulder Height:  30 inches

Weight:  58 pounds

Horn Length:  13 inches

Hunting SpringbuckIn South Africa
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