Hunting Steenbuck

Hunting Steenbuck In South Africa

About the Species

Small antelope, slim and elegant with a short head with large ears and long legs. The general color is a reddish-brown with light colored to white under parts. The insides of the ears are white with black stripes. There is a black stripe on top of the muzzle. Females can be slightly heavier than males. Only the males have horns.

About the Hunt

The Steenbuck forms part of the “Tiny 10” and is one of the most beautiful of the ten. A hugely underrated trophy, mainly due to its size or the fact that so few people notice them or have the time to study them before they disappear over the horizon.


Steenbok live in a variety of habitats from semi-desert, to open woodland and thickets, including open plains, stony savannah, and Acacia–grassland mosaics, They are said to favor unstable or transitional habitats.

Shoulder Height:  22 inches

Weight:  22 pounds

Horn Length:  4 inches

Hunting SteenbuckIn South Africa
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