Hunting Vaal Rhebuck

Hunting Vaal Rhebuck In South Africa

About the Species

The Grey or Vaal Rhebuck is a small woolly antelope that has probably the keenest eyesight of any African species. Vaal Rhebuck have a long, thin neck with long pointed upright ears. The head has very large eyes and a big rubber-like black nose. The body is covered by a grey fur like coat and under parts are white in color. The horns are straight and stand upright and only the males carry horns. They have an average shoulder height of 29 inches and weigh an average of 40 pounds.

About the Hunt

Vaal Rhebuck hunting is considered the most challenging South African antelope to hunt. Trophy Vaal Rhebuck occur on high ground. Hunters need to be prepared for walking long distances when Vaal Rhebuck hunting and taking above average long shots.


Vaal Rhebuck inhabit rocky mountains, mountainous slopes and plateaus with sufficient grass and a few shrubs and trees.

Shoulder Height:  29 inches

Weight:  40 pounds

Horn Length:  6 inches

Hunting Vaal RhebuckIn South Africa
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