Hunting Warthog

Hunting Warthog In South Africa

About the Species

A great animal to approach and observe, but be warned an extremely difficult animal to read, will up and leave in a second for no apparent reason while feeding. Boars will often be double the size of sows in body weight, displaying 2 dominant warts on both sides of the head, while sows have much smaller warts.

About the Hunt

Warthogs are great trophies to hunt and a big boar is not an everyday occurrence. When judging the trophy quality of Warthogs, one must always consider that on most occasions there are at least 2-3 inches of tusk inside the lip.


Widespread in the savannah of Sub-Saharan Africa from Senegal to Ethiopia down to South Africa, absent from heavily forested or desert areas.

Shoulder Height:  25 inches

Weight:  180 pounds

Tusks Length:  13 inches

Hunting WarthogIn South Africa
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