Hunting Water Buffalo

Hunting Water Buffalo In South Africa

About the Species

The Asian Water Buffalo was originally found only in swampy forests in the south-eastern part of Asia. Many years ago the Asian Water Buffalo was exposed in several places in the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa, where there are currently a stock of this great wild species.

About the Hunt

Asian Water Buffalo is considered to be quite dangerous to hunt. It can be extremely aggressive, especially at a wounding. With a accurate shot, a caliber .375 riffle will be appropriate for shooting the Asian Water Buffalo.


The wild Asian buffalo eats grass and leafy aquatic vegetation. It is mainly a grazer, feeding in the morning and evenings and lying up in dense cover or submerging in wallows during midday.

Shoulder Height:  51 inches

Weight:  1200 pounds

Horn Length:  50 inches

Hunting Water Buffalo In South Africa
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