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Pronk Hunting Safaris is a premium hunting outfitter in South Africa and your outfitter of choice when hunting exotics, plains game and dangerous game in South Africa. We would like to invite you and your family to experience a true African Hunting Safari that will leave you with lasting memories.

For us it is much more than just the hunt, it's the complete experience. You will be treated to the most beautiful and pristine hunting areas within South Africa that will take your breath away.

We offer affordable hunting safaris to both local and international hunters who wish to make their dreams come true and experience the ultimate hunting safari.

Why Hunt With Us?

We have a highly professional team with years of experience hunting exotic, plains game and dangerous game throughout South Africa

We have the best and largest prime hunting areas that produce quality trophies year after year. Our SCI records speak for itself

We pay close attention to detail to make sure that your African Hunting Safari will leave you and your family with lasting memories

All of our Safaris are fully guided with a wide variety of species available and top class accommodation

We prescribe to fair chase and ethical hunting practices with sustainable hunting and conservation as our main focus

What We Offer

We offer a wide variety of Safaris like Family Safaris, Photographic Safaris, Couples Hunting Safaris, Custom Hunting Safaris, Exotic Hunting Safaris, Plains Game Hunting Safaris, Big Five Hunting Safaris, Management Hunting, Bow Hunting Safaris, Day Hunting Trips, Wing Shooting and Bespoke Hunting Safaris.

Our Hunting Areas

Pronk Hunting Safaris operates on exclusive concessions throughout the nine provinces of South Africa. All our concessions have an abundance of game delivering top world class trophies year after year. Our combined hunting areas are over 200 000 hectares (494 210 acres) with 50+ huntable species of game.

Pronk Hunting Safaris
Pronk Hunting Safaris


South Africa has a very healthy population of Exotic species and a wide variety the hunter can choose from. Some of the more popular animals that we hunt include Fallow Deer, Barbary Sheep and Scimitar Horned Oryx.

African Plains Game

There is probably no other country that can boast about the dense population of wildlife available for hunting like South Africa. The country's diverse topography and vegetation gives the hunter the opportunity to hunt these animals in their natural environment and habitat.

Dangerous Game

Hunting Cape Buffalo and other Dangerous Game is a thrill that one can not put into words. Chasing after buffalo or lion is exhilarating and a must on any African Hunting Safari. Pronk Hunting Safaris conduct dangerous game hunting on vast open concessions and deliver top quality trophies year after year.

  I have hunted with Pronk Safaris 7 times already and Abrie is the most genuine person that you can deal with. With help from Abrie have received the SCI Diamond Award for African Introduced Animals and have numerous top 10 animals in the SCI record book. If you are looking for special animals like exotics or big trophies, he knows where to find them and get you on to them.  

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